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Raw 62% Humidity Control


The RAW 62% Humidity Control packs are specially designed to maintain the perfect moisture level for a smooth roll and perfect smoke. Each pack contains 8 grams of patented 2-way humidity control technology that eliminates humidity spikes and fluctuations, ensuring the freshness and aroma of your herbs are always maintained.

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The RAW 62% Humidity Control packs are the result of a collaboration between RAW and Integra, two leading brands in the humidifying industry. This special edition pack contains 8 grams of RAW x Integra BOOST that is tuned to a perfect 62% humidity with an unbleached RAW paper cover. This pack is designed to ensure the right amount of moisture is maintained for a smooth roll and perfect smoke, not too wet, not too dry, just right.

The RAW x Integra BOOST uses a patented pending 2-way humidity control technology that eliminates the humidity spikes and slight fluctuations in humidity, preventing your herbs from losing any oils, character, or flavor. This makes it perfect for long-term storage as well as drying and curing. Unlike other humidity control products, the RAW x Integra BOOST is entirely salt-free, with no chemicals added, and all ingredients are food-grade approved. Even the paper packaging is food safe and now unbleached, ensuring that your herbs are kept in a clean and safe environment.

Each RAW x Integra BOOST pack is individually sealed and includes a Humidity Indicator Card, so you always know when you need a fresh pack. The humidity indicator card can be placed against the side of your jar, eliminating the need to open and check your herbs’ freshness.

The RAW 62% Humidity Control packs are designed to fit perfectly in the Cvault, but they also work in just about any storage container. This makes them a better option than the original Boveda humidity pack that hardens up. You can use 2x 8-gram packs for a Cvault Large and 1 pack for a Cvault Medium or smaller storage container. For long-term storage, you can add a RAW Hydrostone, and let the two products play off each other to provide quicker recoveries after openings.

In summary, the RAW 62% Humidity Control packs are a great investment for anyone looking to keep their herbs fresh, flavorful, and aromatic. With its patented 2-way humidity control technology and food-grade approved ingredients, these packs provide a better option than other humidity control products in the market. Plus, the humidity indicator card and unbleached paper packaging make it easy to use and keep your herbs safe.

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