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The RAW Classic Black Tips are double-pressed extra-fine rolling tips made using traditional methods for a smoother smoking experience. They provide a solid crutch, unobstructed airflow, and prevent herbal matter from entering your mouth.

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If you’re a fan of RAW’s Black rolling papers, then you’ll love their Black Tips. Made using traditional methods passed down by generations of master craftsmen, these tips are meticulously fashioned to provide a smoother smoking experience. They are double-pressed extra-fine for a thinner filter tip that complements the thinnest RAW rolling paper.

The RAW Black Tips roll smoothly, giving you an exceptional smoke, while also being strong enough to keep the herbal matter out of your mouth. They provide a solid crutch for great shape and unobstructed airflow, ensuring that you get the most out of your smoking experience.

Aside from their functional benefits, these tips also offer a chance for you to get creative with your filters. Use a toothpick or pair of scissors to roll up unique patterns and shapes, adding a stylish touch to any roll-up. This is a great way to impress friends and family, while also enjoying a smoother smoke.

Using joint filters like the RAW Black Tips is essential for a better smoking experience. It prevents the tearing of cigarette boxes or the use of plastic coated paper, which can negatively affect the taste and your health. These tips are free of chemical bleaching or chlorine, and definitely no plastic coating.

There are many reasons to use RAW Black Filter Tips. They prevent soggy, sloppy, clogging cigarette ends, which can be a major nuisance. They also help conserve your herbs, eliminating wasted ends. Additionally, they provide better shape and feel to your joint, making it more comfortable to smoke. Lastly, they prevent herbs from getting into your mouth, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

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